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Made in the Philippines

Long Natural Wooden Beaded Geometric Dangle Pierced Earrings 3"

Long Natural Wooden Beaded Geometric Dangle Pierced Earrings 3"

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Upgrade your look with this flattering pair of dangling earrings. These natural wooden beaded earrings have a painted white bead, tan bead, and a brown triangular bead, giving them an interesting, geometric look. These earrings can be worn casually, at parties, dates, holidays, festivals, and so on. They're 3" long and use a pierced fish hook back. Please note that since this is vintage and hand painted, the paint may be imperfect and subject to chipping. This item is patiently crafted by hand using the finest natural materials from the Philippines. Any irregularities and variations in shading and shape are characteristics of this material, which gives its piece it's 'Distinct Beauty'. Makes for a great gift to a loved one or yourself.


  • Dangling Earrings
  • Neutral Tones
  • Wooden Beads
  • Silver Tone Metal
  • 3" Long
  • Handcrafted in the Philippines
  • All Natural Materials
  • Women's Adult Fashion Jewelry
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